Event Venues and Accommodation

The venue plays an important role in enhancing the success of any event explaining the need to choose the best venue for every event you host. Since different events will have different requirements, it is necessary to carefully evaluate all the available options before you make the choice. Whether you are looking for wedding venues coventry, or space to exhibit your art, the following are factors to consider.

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In order to create a memorable event, you ought to aim at creating an experience. Although other factors such as the choice of music, the choice of guests and the food contribute to this, the venue can make or break the experience you wish to create. Look at the ambience of the venue, the availability of certain amenities, the quality of these amenities, the quality of the service, the scenery and serenity if these are important for your event.


Inaccessible venues can be a nightmare for guests. It is your duty as the event host to ensure that all your guests can easily access the venue. Is the road network well developed, is there a nearby train station or taxi rig? If they need to use water transport, do they have to show up at specific times or is there a continuous supply of transport services? Ion the case that special transport arrangements need to be made, it is good to inform your guests in advance so that they can factor it in in their preparation.


This is usually very important consideration for most people. Although venues will have different charges, there are so many options at every budget point. All you have to do is decide on your budget and request for quotes from different venues. Your goal is to get the best deal without compromising on the quality of service and the aforementioned experience. Remember that the quotes received are usually not final and therefore there is room for negotiations.

Size of the venue

Comfort goes a long way in improving the experience of your guests. The venue therefore needs to be of the right size; not too big such that it looks empty and not too small and crammed. This is especially important for indoor spaces. You should insist on checking out the venue and the proposed set up beforehand to determine its suitability for the event at hand. Outdoor spaces can be customised using tents and temporary borders and therefore, you may not have this problem here.

What services are included in the package and what do you need to pay for as extras? Are there restrictions on time? Are there dedicated staff members at your service? Do you need to bring in different vendors or will the venue provide everything you need? All these factors are important in enhancing the success of your event.